Our Vision and Values

Our Christian Vision

Let your light shine before people so they can see the good things that you do

Matthew 5:16


Our Christian vision is that all children will flourish and develop a love of learning in a caring supportive environment. We aspire to walk in Christ’s footsteps by showing patience, forgiveness and kindness to one another.   


We share and celebrate this vision through our values -Aspire, Care and Enjoy. The children will be given the opportunity to let their ‘light shine’ in their learning and in their relationships with all members of the school community.

  • As members of the St Peter’s School community we all aim to do our very best at all times.
  • We encourage our children to be independent, whilst giving them a secure grounding in the key skills, to ensure they can make the most of the opportunities life has to offer.
  • We set high standards for attainment, rigorously tracking the progress of each child to ensure that they are supported and challenged. 
  • As a result every child will achieve and we will celebrate their achievements.
  • All adults ensure that our vision is delivered through quality teaching and a positive learning environment.
  • Together we respect the lives and wishes of others at all times.
  • As a Church school we are supported by the local community in the nurturing and teaching of our vision and values.
  • Through our partnership with Buhumba Primary school in Uganda our children have a wider understanding of the key international themes of global citizenship through shared learning.
  • We communicate effectively with parents as a partnership ensuring a shared understanding of each child’s needs and a consistent approach to the support that they receive.
  • We enjoy a cross curricular approach using the local environment, first hand experiences and creative opportunities.
  • Our holistic whole child approach starting from the child’s understanding, enables children to develop a joy and love of learning.
  • Our learning journey approach encourages children to take responsibility for their learning and develop resilience.
  • Our Behaviour Policy is underpinned by the principles of trauma perceptive practice providing an environment where we can all learn together.