School Council


Today we met the Governors and told them some of our ideas on how to improve playtime. We explained how we meet regularly and how we choose which ideas to discuss. The Governors were really impressed on how confident we were when speaking and how we worked as a team and collaborated.

Written by Esther and Lily


This week we mainly talked about lunch times and things we might change. KS1 asked to have parachute games again. KS2 asked Mrs Sullivan to investigate an outdoor table football game. Year 5&6 asked for another International Day. Mrs Sullivan is going to ask the teachers. 

Written by Lizzy and Florence


Yesterday in our meeting we chose our chair person for this term and it is going to be Seth. He will help run the meetings and have other jobs to do around school which include: meeting visitors, talking about our school projects and representing us. 

Written by Cleo  


We are excited to announce we now have our School Council for 2023-2024, as voted for by the children’s classmates! We hope to share regular Council updates with you in the newsletters, to share projects we are working on, both in and out of school. 

Congratulations to:  OLIVE Dylan and EdithPINE Zoe and Bella-Rose, CHERRY Max and ClarkHOLLY Rory and BertieOAKMaisie and FreddieSILVER BIRCEsther and Lily BMAPLEAsa and FlorenceWILLOW Ali and WilliamSYCAMORE Cleo/Seth and Lizzy 


March 2023


February 2023



·        Update on school playground equipment project

·        Coggeshall Carnival Poster competition



1.     Mrs Sullivan read through FOSPS draft proposal for the play equipment. They have listed the things we said we did want to be included and the things we didn’t want (eg monkey bars). Mrs Appleton is now going to send this to companies and ask them to come and visit the school to see what they can offer us. We hope they might be able to install it by May half term.

2.     Coggeshall Carnival Committee have asked if we will run a poster competition in school to promote this year’s summer carnival. School Council are going to make a PPT with Mrs Sullivan on Friday lunchtime to promote it in an assembly next week. We only know the date it is happening so far (no other details about stalls, floats etc).

January 2023

School Council  members talked about the forthcoming Green Week and how we could increase awareness through some simple art projects about the issues surrounding single use plastic. Council reps then talked about ideas they had we could do in classes or year groups.  They looked at the story book Duffy’s Lucky Escape that schools will be using.

Ideas included:

·         Pictures of the ocean now and pictures of how oceans should look in an ideal world (any media children like eg paint, pastel, pencil)

·         Sculpture of a tree made of single-use plastic with environmental messages stuck on

·         Collages using mixed media including found plastic

·         Playdough turtles

·         Collage or models made out of plastic bottle tops

·         Hang sculptures from the low ceiling in the hall

·         Model turtle

·         Wreath made of plastic bags

·         Large scale collaborative mural

Teachers and classes can choose which of these ideas they would like to do

They also talked about little picking element part of this project. Mrs Styles is already working on this as part of her community work. We will talk to her about how this can be organised with school council helping her.

November 2022

School Council Meeting 23.11.22


Members from all classes were present.


The Year 5/6 members fed back from out online meeting on Monday and there were lots of enthusiastic suggestions for Green Week.

The children were very keen to plant flowers at the bottom of the school field and suggested collecting seeds.

We also talked about a ‘no waste’ day.


Please see below for the minutes from Monday. 



Some of our council members met online with other schools to discuss the Sustainable School Network plans.

 As a group of schools we:

  1.   Shared our group name – Essex Schools Young Eco Protectors and our mission statement and aims
  2.   Thought about designing a logo.  We shared the ideas that are on the UKSSN page for other network groups and asked children who were interested to get their designs ready by the Christmas holidays so we can ‘judge’ them
  3.  We talked about our first joint campaigns.  Litter picking was a popular choice – whether we have one big organised litter pick or each litter pick locally and share our results e.g. what is the most littered place in the UK? We also talked about school grounds, planting more trees (perhaps have a day for this), wasting less food, saving energy and water and protecting wildlife.
  4. Green week – we voted that the theme should be waste and recycling and it should happen in the Spring term.  Ideas were having a zero waste day, book swaps, secondhand sales, making a sculpture of rubbish, making eco bricks etc.

We will have anothet online meeting soon.


November 2022

Our School Council members met with Mrs Sullivan to look at and discuss some ideas for the some playground play equipment. Our PTA is fundraising and they would like to use our ideas. 


October 2022

Our School Council members met with Miss Smith  on 7th October. The items on the agenda included:

  • ·         Welcome to new school council members – school council notebook  given out to record notes
  • ·         Feedback from yr 5/6 about Essex Green schools
  • ·         Discuss ideas for clubs
  • ·         Improvements for breaktimes/lunchtimes and school environment


September 2022

Following hustings and elections we now have our new School Council for 2022-2023. 

Multi Schools Council Green Group 

 Some of our KS2 School Council members met with children from different schools across Essex this week. In the zoom meeting the children discussed ways to raise awareness of climate change and actions they could work on in their own schools and together. 

They will meet again later this term to write an action plan and plan their next steps.